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Redefining how players and creators discover and connect with each other

How bridging the gaps with Minecraft servers and creators revealed new achievements in our latest gaming project at
We are launching the Official Minecraft Server List with Mojang and would love for you to join us!
Organising an esports tournament of any kind, online or in-person, is a logistical achievement: for Init Esports, who decided to make their one-of-a-kind event Screen to Speed both online and in-person, it was a tour de force.
Itaú Unibanco: Com tecnologia GamerSafer, Player’s Bank oferece mais segurança e novos serviços via Discord
Crosslink has been protecting users from malicious links for over 2 years, consistently reacting to entire new attack vectors and combating scams and phishing in every manner they’ve cropped up.
Femme Gaming is a gaming organization promoting safe and inclusive spaces for female gamers to compete and showcase their talents, and we are proud to announce a partnership with them.
GamerSafer has partnered with MindCo Health and Stanford Reach Lab to deliver Minecraft’s first vaping prevention and cessation experience.
With four engaging challenges, Back to School takes you on a short quest through the first days back at Dark Forest High School to become a member of the Student Alliance and start fighting an evil and silent boss.


Verify new players joining for the first time against our database of known disruptive accounts and protect your community.


Step 1 – User securely links their Game Account with their GamerSafer Profile via the app.

Step 2 – When a player logs into the game their account is verified as existing within the GamerSafer Database.

Step 3 – The player will be prompted by the game to authenticate using the GamerSafer App, similar to 2FA.

Step 4 – Access and permissions are automatically granted based on your game’s uniquely defined needs and the preferences of the player.


Our vision is to scale online safety, positive and fair play experiences to millions of players worldwide. 

We build safety tools for the gaming and Esports industry to enable proactive intervention, promote a player-centric approach, and cultivate integrity and trust. Our Minecraft team has years of experience running servers and developing plugins for public and private use.



Address the source of severe transgressions before they happen, driving prevention at-scale and fostering more positive experiences and interactions.



Empower players to share their preferences to deliver compatible experiences, protect their gameplay, and cultivate accountability with transparency.



Design focused on addressing content, conduct, and contact risks, data minimization & transparency, and compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

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