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Whether you’re a seasoned Discord community manager or a longtime user, you’ve no doubt seen one of the many link or filebased attacks that have plagued Discord over the past and current years. From GIFs and videos that crash your app, to scam pages that try to steal your account, Discord is constantly facing new threats and struggling to keep up with new attack vectors on the platform. 

This is where bots come into play. Crosslink has been protecting users from malicious links for over 2 years, consistently reacting to entire new attack vectors and combating scams and phishing in every way they’ve cropped up. So, how does the GS Crosslink bot keep you and your server safe?

Detecting new threats

GS Crosslink doesn’t just use a limited list of ‘bad’ or ‘good’ domains. Every time a link is sent in Discord, GS Crosslink resolves that link to the final destination, and checks how safe that URL is on every step of the way. This means nobody can hide an IP grabber in a shortlink and the shortfalls in Discord’s link detection are accounted for. Besides that, for every unique domain GS Crosslink detects, it’ll perform checks against it, gathering as much information about its history and security, then conclude how safe it believes that domain to be.

Crosslink’s checks utilizes the full suite of tools that internet governing bodies available. Once Crosslink has established its own reputation score for a domain, it’ll cross-reference with third party providers and relevant platforms to double-check if another provider has seen it before. For example, the GS Crosslink bot will know about a phishing link in an e-mail that Google finds, or about new scam links hitting Discord DM’s. That also applies for website data breaches. Since the release of v3 we’ve already classified 23,000+ new domains and counting! 

Scanning files for malware

Links aren’t the only thing GS Crosslink protects you and your users from. If you’re a premium customer, you also get access to Crosslinks anti-virus. More in-depth than Discord’s own anti-virus and with an average response time at less than one second, our anti-virus helps protect your server from viruses, malware, and even Discord-specific token grabbers.

That’s not all Crosslink does with files. GS Crosslink can detect and react to any malformed video file that could cause the Discord app to crash, scan text files for links to filter, and classify all Discord uploads into easily configurable file types. If you’re a free user without the anti-virus, you can still choose to delete potentially dangerous files! 

Ultimate configurability

GS Crosslink has been rebuilt to make configuration as straightforward as possible for users. Our config system classifies links and files into easy-to-understand categories and gives you complete control over exactly how every single category is responded to. On top of that, free users can individually define responses for domains and links, giving them complete, low-level control over how Crosslink reacts to content in their server. Premium users can bypass this 25 entry limit, allowing for an incredibly customized experience! 

Why GS Crosslink?

Our bot has been keeping servers safe for over 2 years, reacting to multitudes of unique threats within hours. GS Crosslink has been able to react to new malicious files, links, and domains within minutes of them existing on Discord, sometimes even detecting them as suspicious before they ever hit Discord.

It’s also a bot that consistently provides more configurability and reactivity than other moderation bots. So, go ahead and give it a try today! Existing free users should consider trying our premium plans for leveled up protection!

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