A Game-Changer for Minecraft Servers and Fans 

GamerSafer and Mojang have partnered together to launch the Official Minecraft Server List!

Hello, Minecraft enthusiasts!

Ever felt lost in the vast world of third-party Minecraft servers, unsure which ones will have a great experience?

We get it! With hundreds of thousands of servers to choose from, it can be quite the task to find one that you’ll love. This new site will help parents find communities where their kids will have positive experiences.

That’s where steps in; the Official Minecraft Server List by GamerSafer in collaboration with Mojang Studios. 

You can also read about the Official Minecraft Server List over on the announcement blog post at

Let’s dive into what’s up: 

Teaming Up to Find Amazing Minecraft Servers 

Last year, GamerSafer joined forces with another cool company you might have heard of: Mojang Studios! 

The goal? Use our joint Minecraft server know-how and tech expertise to make sure players of all ages and backgrounds can get the most fun, appropriate, and high-quality Minecraft server experiences.

Plus, we’ve done a lot of research to find that when gamers find communities that they really vibe with, it leads to better connection, belonging, and more positive interactions. We want to help players find servers they love and raise the bar across the entire Minecraft server scene while creating excellent memories.

That’s the spirit behind the Official Minecraft Server List. 

No Funny Games, Just Fair Play for ALL Ages  

What sets apart? No pay-to-win slots. No ads cluttering your view. No playing favorites. If a server’s legit and has been reviewed as following the Minecraft Usage Guidelines (the “MUG”), it’s fair game to be found on the site. 

Don’t just think of as a server listing website, think of it as a server discovery engine, allowing players to find exactly the kinds of gameplay and community experiences that they’re eager for. It’s not just about picking the first server shown on a list, it’s about landing on the exact kind of server you’ll love to join for the long-term. 

Every server listed on this site is required to be reviewed by the Mojang Studios Enforcement Team to follow all of the Minecraft Usage Guidelines (the ”MUG”) and meet the standards that everyone can benefit from. 

By the way, we have a page dedicated to information parents and their kids might want to know about, over here

Level-Up with Server Badges  

Here’s another cool part: Server Badges. 

Think of these Badges as collectible achievements for servers that go the extra mile. These Badges shout-out Minecraft communities that are not just fun, but also more interested in player safety and inclusivity. Of course, just because a server is listed or has earned safety badges is not a guarantee of safety. Online safety requires constant parental involvement and child education.

Every server on the site will be required to have two Badges to start off: Community Basics and Builder’s Benchmark (which tells you that they are MUG Compliant). After that, servers are welcome to achieve other optional Badges to show off a stronger commitment to player safety, privacy, security, and great community engagement.

Did you find a server with more Badges? That’s a community that wants to go even further in their efforts to have an awesome time with their players. As servers earn more Badges, they’ll have more opportunities to be found in different areas and pages on the site, such as the top of search results, on the home page’s Discover section, or in an article dedicated to servers for families!

You can learn more about currently available Server Badges over here

Get in on the Ground Floor is already here, and we’re scouting for servers to join during these early days and hit the ground running with us! 

If you manage a server or are part of a server staff team, this is your shot to get in, earn some early Badges, and get noticed by players that are already coming to the site. 

Head to and in the top-right menu click “Login/Register”. After that, you’ll see an option in the menu to go to the Server Admin page and add your server there. This will start our server review process, and you’ll be on your way to showing off for players on the site once that process is completed.

You’ll also get to see and give us feedback on brand new features we’re working on releasing soon. We want to build this site with you to make it the best it can be!

Wrapping it Up isn’t just another site—it’s a big new adventure for Minecraft multiplayer fans. If you’re a Minecraft server owner, or just a gamer looking for a new community to join, come check out the site! Let’s grow an amazing Minecraft server scene together.

Heads up: Some features and Badges might change as we fine-tune the site based on feedback. 

Taking action is the best way to impact the Minecraft community

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