Femme Gamers are on the rise and GamerSafer is with them

We are proud to announce a GamerSafer and Femme Gaming partnership


Femme Gaming is a gaming organization promoting safe and inclusive spaces for female gamers to compete and showcase their talents, and we are proud to announce a partnership with them. GamerSafer’s trust and safety expertise, as well as our technologies, will help level up proactive protection measures for the #FemmeArmy community.

The future is female, and games are no exception. According to NewZoo, nearly half of all gamers are women. And while women represent an equal portion of gamers across many of the largest markets, they often have their unique gaming preferences and behaviors. For example, female gamers are more likely to play games on their mobile devices than their male counterparts. Also, they stake a considerable share of the most dedicated gamer personas identified by research

Shielding femme gamers is a pressing demand. Anti-Defamation League, a world-leading anti-hate organization, reported that harassment in online multiplayer games has increased over the past three years despite growing efforts and recommendations to reduce disruptive behaviors. Five out of six adults (83%) ages 18-45 experienced harassment in online games—representing over 80 million adult gamers.

Percent of people who were harassed because of their identity. Source: ADL

Moreover, the most significant increases in identity-based harassment occurred among adult women (49% in 2021, compared to 41% in 2020). Another study, made by Bryter – The Female Games Survey, shows that toxicity towards women is increasing over time and 64% of the participants in their survey, all women, answered they were abused in-game by male gamers in the last year. 1 in 5 say toxicity makes them not want to play again.

These reports reinforce the importance of deploying a wider range of strategies, tools, and processes to create safer and more welcoming gaming spaces. Video games are known for being entertaining, but in one of the surveys from YouGovAmerica, the public recognized that they’re not always inclusive.

Global Data: How consumers view video games around the world. Source: YouGov America, May 2021

We are thrilled to join Femme Gaming. Together, we’re taking action on these issues, adding new use cases about proactive measures, and supporting both female gamers and the gaming industry at large. Join us in creating a future where everyone can have amazing experiences in games by following along at the social media links below.

We would love to hear what you’re doing to make the gaming industry a safer and more inclusive environment.

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