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GamerSafer is a team of parents, security experts, and gaming pros working alongside phenomenal Minecraft servers to build online safety features at the core of gaming experiences.

Why create a GamerSafer account?

Keeping up with Minecraft server services, trends, and features can be hard and we want to help parents to guide and safeguard their children easily! By creating a GamerSafer account for your child and connecting it with one of our Minecraft partner servers your children will join world that can offer the above protections.

Create A GamerSafer Profile

Setting up GamerSafer to use with Minecraft servers:

1. Download the free GamerSafer app on your mobile device

Download the GamerSafer app for Android or iOS and create an account with your child.

2. Create an account. (Parents create an account first)

Parents of children under 13 years old need to create their account first in order to provide consent for their child’s account (This is a requirement according to data privacy laws).

A quick proof of life will be required, follow the on-screen instructions repeating the animated expressions. Once you’ve created one account for you and one for your child under 13, a final selfie of the two of you together will complete the process.

3. Join the Minecraft server your child wants to play on

Launch Minecraft and select the “Multiplayer” tab to join the server of your choosing. Select “Add Server”.

Type the name and address that the server has provided (on their website or other method). Then click “Done” and select the server to join.

The server will instruct you on how to connect your GamerSafer app account to the server and access all of the features.

4. Scan the QR code in the game

Once your are logged into the Minecraft server of your choosing, look up to see a QR code in the sky. Load the GamerSafer app and log in with your child’s account to scan the QR code.

Once the QR code is scanned, you can accept the invitation and enjoy the server!

Frequently Asked Questions

A selfie is the best way to verify that the profile creator is a real person who is not attempting to create an alternate profile for fraudulent purposes. We use age estimation to verify that the user can agree to our Terms of Service.

Children’s data including selfies is safely stored and encrypted and it’s never shared. Minecraft servers don’t have access to the selfie. This data is deleted after processing in compliance with legal regulations. Minecraft servers receive a simple “Success” message when the player passes selfie liveness detection to prove they aren’t a bot or malicious alt account.

Minecraft servers cannot access the GamerSafer profile username, real name, contact information, birth date, selfies taken, or other personal information through us. Children’s data is safe and encrypted. OR Servers don’t have access to any personal contact information or private data from us. We only share with them what you permit.

The GamerSafer app is free for all players. Making our services free for users of all geographies and ages groups is part of our mission and impact. We charge a fee from Minecraft servers and other gaming platforms that use our services.

World-leading technology to scale safety and fair play.

Proudly working with:

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Meet the newest educational Minecraft adventure map designed to educate youth about vaping risks and impacts, backed by GamerSafer, MindCo Health, and the Stanford Medicine Reach Lab.

Download – Tips for Gaming Safely

Check out our infographic which shares a few extra tips for youth to game safely on Minecraft servers. This also includes facts from the Anti-Defamation League’s “Hate is No Game” Report released in 2021.

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