Designed with state-of-the-art technology to keep your community safe and secure.



Avoid the use of fake or duplicated accounts by harmful players that compromise your community’s safety.

Protect your community: trolls and other banned players can’t come back after going through the server application process.

Configure your allowlist with varied questions (written and multiple choice), optional 1:1 interviews, and Discord role assignment.


All advantages included in the Basic plan, plus:

Configure how often your players will receive a push notification to renew their authentication.

Give your development team access to our APIs to customize your server and integrate your own tools.

Verify a player record from other trusted servers and consider it during your interview process.

Properly manage players’ data (including optional verification of government issue documents) following all data privacy regulations.

Allowlist Questionaire

Player Account Verification

Perma Bans (Block Ban Evaders)

Server Trolls Pre-banned

Developer API Access

Optional ID Check



Frequently Asked Questions

We are a solution for security in games, through facial recognition we verify that each user really is who they say they are, thus bringing more security to your server.

Our solutions fight against crime, fraud and toxicity in games. Our main difference is to blame the person behind the problem, for example if a cheater attacks a community and is banned, with our technology he cannot return to the server using a fake or duplicate account.

Players create their profile with GamerSafer in just a few minutes. To connect with the server, just a selfie is enough!

We also have a Global Block system, each and every user will have a ban record listing the reason and the server; each server has the right to choose which types of profiles and histories will not be welcome.

Today GamerSafer protects more than 15 million players daily in 47 countries through its different solutions. We work with other multiplayer games like Minecraft, we help esports platforms to increase the integrity of their competitions and we are present in almost 5000 Discord servers.

GamerSafer ensures that each user is unique (avoiding false or duplicate accounts), estimates age and other validations. There are several possible verification levels, which will vary according to the criteria of each server.

World-leading technology to scale safety and fair play. Proudly working with:

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