Expanding Impact with GSBans and GSMasterKey

Our Minecraft offerings continue to grow as we roll-out new a new service and plugin!


This past month we continued to work hard to bring more valuable resources to the Minecraft server scene. With our new GSBans plugin and GSMasterKey service for new communities, we are excited to help servers kick off towards success on the right foot.

GSMasterKey: Permission and Punishment Setups for New Servers

When first starting off a brand new Minecraft server, one challenge for new server owners to overcome is in figuring out their permissions and punishments systems. These are critical pieces for Minecraft servers to have in place on day one, but they can take a lot of experience to know what to put in place, and can also be quite tedious to set up.

What are “Permissions”?

Permissions are what Minecraft servers use to grant players their various roles, commands, and accessible content. While staff get one set of permissions in order to issue chat mutes or investigate who griefed a plot of land, other players will be restricted to only the gameplay mechanics the server owner wants them to have.

On even the most basic servers there can be dozens if not hundreds of permissions to go through and put in place, and that number grows as more features are added to the gameplay. On networks, which allow many servers to be connected to under one server address, the complexity and mess of permissions can be tough to get a handle on.

Without permissions set in place at the server’s launch, you can end up with mechanical chaos that hurts the first impressions players have on the server.

What are “Punishments”?

Punishments, on the other hand, can be simple to setup in theory, but difficult to train staff on as the community culture starts to develop a mind of its own. Punishments include bans, kicks, mutes, jails, cuffs, and more, which server staff will use to enforce the rules and keep disruptive players from doing too much harm to the vibes.

But how do servers know what rules to put in place? And what nuances do staff need to be aware of before they dish out permanent bans to every player that does something wrong? On top of that, every server community is different, with some having stricter or looser rules to go by.

GSMasterKey helps with both of those challenges

Minecraft server owners that want to save themselves time and headaches are now welcome to order our brand new GSMasterKey service. Once ordered, we’ll get to work identifying their community vision and needs. Then we’ll develop strategies for their punishments and staff training, as well as organize their player permissions!

Once we’re finished with the setup, we deliver documentation and notes to the server owner so that they can put their plans into action and launch the server the moment they’re ready.

You can learn a lot more about all of the details included in the GSMasterKey service by checking out the service page, linked here!

GSBans: A Modern Punishment Plugin w/ Deep Analytics

Along with GSMasterKey, we are also proud to release our new introductory plugin for Minecraft server owners that are looking for a modern punishments plugin that helps them understand their communities better. GSBans is now available for $5 at MC-Market, making it easy for staff teams to get hooked in and start taking advantage of some of the tools we have to offer.

We wrote an entire blog post about GSBans over on our GamerSafer for Minecraft blog, here, but here are some of the highlights of what this plugin brings to the table:

GSBans Feature Overview:

If you’d like to learn more about GSBans, check out our announcement blog post linked just above, or head to the MC-Market product page, here.

Overall, March has been an incredible month for the GamerSafer team, and we are eager to meet more passionate crafters that want to launch Minecraft servers with the best tools and team standing right behind them. Let’s game on!

We would love to hear what you’re doing to make the gaming industry a safer and more inclusive environment.

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