Announcing the GamerSafer Discord Bot

GamerSafer adds to value proposition by delivering cross-platform safety, efficiency.


Why GamerSafer for Discord?

GamerSafer customers drive demand for cross-platform security and fair play via Discord + GamerSafer Bot

One of the primary niches on Discord is gaming. Most of GamerSafer’s existing MMO and Esports customers rely on Discord in some way (either officially or as used by their members/users). That means that in addition to the challenges of EULA compliance, safety, identity verification and age verification on their primary platforms, GamerSafer customers are also concerned about fostering safety in the Discord communities their products generate.

It’s no wonder. The highly social dynamics and optional privacy of the Discord platform bring a significant spectrum of challenges. From harassment, to cheats, and from cybercrime, to extremist or violent content, communities on Discord come with the same risks as any other online space. (Read more: Discord Transparency Report January – June 2021) Discord takes community safety seriously, and so does GamerSafer. GamerSafer Co-Founder and CEO Rodrigo Tamellini says, “Discord is the host of millions of communities, gaming and non-gaming related. We are excited to expand our value proposition for existing customers on multiplayer gaming and Esports, and explore how our impact can support other online communities.”

Announcing the GamerSafer Discord Bot Closed Beta

That request from existing GamerSafer customers prompted us to expand our services to Discord. The GamerSafer Discord Bot will help our clients not only to secure their users outside of their hosted services, but also to expand their safety value proposition.

The GamerSafer Discord Bot is now in closed beta and offers Discord Server Admin and staff members the features that GamerSafer customers love, like our strong and fast player verification methodology, blocklisting, and modern two-factor authentication (2FA). The program will also support the assessment of new feature prioritization and roll-out. As a result we do expect to help our customers to deliver safety cross-platform and save time and resources while doing so. 

About Discord

With its 150 million monthly active users (MAUs) spread across nearly 20 million servers, Discord has quickly become an incredibly popular digital distribution and chat platform. Especially popular among gaming audiences, over 960 million messages are sent via Discord each day. It’s way beyond a simple VoIP or messaging app; Discord creates community at scale.

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