The leading link moderation and anti-virus bot for Discord moderators & managers

What is GS Crosslink?

GS Crosslink is the leading intelligent link detection and reputation bot, designed to make link filtering convenient for moderators and community managers, with the simplest setup possible for the end user.

>90% accurate malicious link detection, using well-trusted information sources and smart systems to detect malicious links before third parties are even aware of them.

The GS Crosslink anti-virus is constantly updated with new signatures and uses dedicated services for detecting viruses that target Discord.

Always-online capability thanks to our cloud computing framework. For even snappier response times check out our Dedicated bot instance for Enterprise customers.

What we do:

Our reputation system keeps your users safe from phishing, scams & IP grabbers while letting safe sites through without issue. Links aren’t our limits, we categorize and scan files sent in Discord to keep your users safe from viruses & dangerous file types, even scanning text files & embeds sent in Discord for other malicious links!

We’re on the cutting edge of what Discord offers, constantly providing you with powerful moderation tooling & integrating deeply into the Discord application.

Auto-Link Scanning

File Scan & Anti-Virus

Premium Chat Support

API Access

Dedicated Bot Instance

Advanced Link Resolution

Linklist Limit

Monthly Event Capacity

















“We’ve been using Crosslink since it was first recommended it to us and we all adore it, It’s a legitimate night and day difference at this point. Raiders that keep joining us and spamming grabify links aren’t an issue anymore. Crosslink has unintentionally become our antiraid solution and I can’t get over that!”

Tails n’ Scales Discord Moderator

“Crosslink let me forget about needing to moderate all the scam links and let me focus on other concerns. It’s been an instant fix to all of my moderation needs for links and files.”

Metal’s Dungeon Discord Owner

“Crosslink has saved our members from scam links countless amounts of time. It has also made moderation much easier for our team. The amount I can modify the configuration of crosslink and the simple categorization of links makes setting it up easy.”

 Sk1er Discord Admin

World-leading technology to scale safety and fair play. Proudly working with:

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